Filling Chitika Tax Form (W-8BEN)

If you have earned more than USD$600 with Chitika, then you are required to submit the Chitika tax form which required by IRS (US Internal Revenue Service).

Here I show you how to fill the W8 form if you are located outside the U.S.

Login and visit Chitika W8 form page

Fill in your full name in the “Name of Individual or organization“.

Fill in your country in the “Country of Incorporation or organization“.

Tick “Individual” for “Type of beneficial owner“.

Fill in your address in “Permanent residence address“, “City or town, state or province“, and “Country“.

Under “Part 2: Claim of Tax Treaty Benefits“, tick “a. The beneficial owner is a resident of [your_country] within the meaning of the income tax treaty between the United States and that country.“.

Tick in the “Part 3: Notional Principal Contracts“.

Under “Part 4: Certification“, fill your full name in “Signature“.

Fill in “owner” for “Capacity in which acting“.

Click “Submit information” button and you are done!

The submitted form will be reviewed by Chitika in 1 business day.

Sign up Chitika and start making money online today!


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